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TCH Law is an award winning law practice specialising in Debt Recovery, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Insolvency.


Our services benefit a wide range of clients in all sectors, all over the UK and of all sizes. All are represented with attentiveness and professionalism.


Many businesses are adversely affected by outstanding and increasingly overdue debts, particularly in difficult financial times. As such while cash flow certainly becomes king, it is also imperative for commercial (and actual) survival.


As award winning specialists in the debt recovery arena, with a proven track record and a genuine will to help your business succeed, we are ideally placed to help. We strive to get the very best results for clients, and do so while considering not only the legal but also the commercial implications of the procedures available. That is an ethos that flows to the core of TCH Law’s values, while all the while providing efficient and cost-effective debt recovery solutions.

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Court Action

If you have outstanding invoices (or other demands for payment of money), and when all else fails, court action can sometimes be the last resort to recover the debt owed to you. Find out more

Statutory Demand

A Statutory Demand is a legal document which will be served by a Sheriff Officer. Statutory Demand's can be served against companies or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) for debts in excess of £750 and for individuals the value must be £3000 or more. Read More

Pre-Litigation Checks

Before starting any recovery proceedings, some creditors wish to check if their debtor owns any heritable property. Read More