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Debtor Trace Services


Debtor Trace Services Glasgow

Before staring any recovery process you may wish to check whether it is worthwhile. You’ll want to know that any attempts to contact your debtor won’t be fruitless, but more importantly, if ultimately a Decree is obtained you could have no effective way of enforcing it unless you know where to serve it on your Debtor.

The old mantra of “you can’t get blood from a stone” still stands, and unless you have an extreme matter of principal to take, the prospects of recovering your debt must be at the forefront of your mind. We can therefore assist you with investigating the whereabouts and financial circumstances of your debtors.


No Find:No Fee Trace Services

In most cases we provide a No Find: No Fee service can be provided, subject to a very small administrative charge being made for organising the Trace.  

If successful, and information on the debtor can be ascertained, it can give peace of mind before you initiate recovery proceedings and incur the cost in so doing. Examples of traces we can carry out on the No Find: No Fee basis are:

  • Residence Trace; to find out where someone resides

  • Employment Trace; to find out where someone works

  • Letting Agent Confirmation; to find out the letting agent’s details of a property rented out by your debtor

  • Establishing Tenant’s details; if your Debtor is a landlord, this trace is to find out information about the property they rent out, their Tenant and the Tenancy arrangements.


Debtor Trace Service Lawyers Glasgow

If you are a creditor who is having trouble locating your debtor, TCH Law's debt  recovery solicitors can help. To find out which traces services are available and suitable in your case, please call 01698 312 080.

You can also email mail@tchlaw.co.uk or complete our online form.

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