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Seven Day Demand Letter

It's the "shot across the bow" and let's your debtor know you are serious about pursuing them for the money they owe you.

The letter we send to your debtor demands payment within a fixed period (we would usually suggest 7 days but can customise this as per your instructions). 

In many cases Debtors realise that you are not sending empty threats about pursuing them (which can sometimes happen in certain businesses' Credit Control procedures).  This in itself can result in payment being made, direct to you, and is all that is required to get the money you are owed.

If, however, the letter's deadline comes and goes without payment. then you are free to escalate recovery. 

If your debtor is a limited company or an Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)  you may wish to consider a Short Form Demand or Statutory Demand

Another option for you (regardless of what type of legal entity your debtor is) you may wish to initiate court proceedings.  We can guide you through the options, as the correct procedure can depend on the circumstance of your own case and the status/attitude of your Debtor.  

Seven Day Demand Letter Lawyers, Hamilton

To find out more about Seven Day Demand Letters or to arrange for a demand letter to be sent to your debtor, please contact the debt recovery solicitors at TCH Law. You can call 01698 312 080, email mail@tchlaw.co.uk or complete our online enquiry form. We are always delighted to speak to you.