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Short Form Demand

A Short Form Demand is a formal Demand that we serve upon your Debtor.  We would usually suggest that these are served by Sheriff Officer, but it is not technically required.  The reason for Sheriff Officer service is that further information on the trading status and ability to meet the demand can be elicited by the Officer when serving the papers.  It can, of course, also be seen as providing further weight to the seriousness of the demand in the debtors eyes.

While the Short Form Demand is a pre-cursor to Petition to Liquidation proceedings, the management of any sensible Debtor company/LLP will know that payment will require to be made immediately  and in full upon receipt of this type of Demand.  the alternative is their Company/LLP could potentially be placed into an interim insolvency status, and control of their business taken from them by an Insolvency Practitioner.  The Demand being founded upon in Insolvency Proceedings presented to the court within days of the demand.

The Short Form Demand itself will usually give the Debtor's only 48 hours to make payment in full of the debt, Statutory Interest and Compensation.   If that payment is not received then a Liquidation Petition can be presented to the applicable Sheriff Court immediately after expiry of the Demand. 

If, however, payment is made in full of the total sum sought in the Demand, then no further action need be taken and we will make arrangements for payment to be made to you immediately thereafter.

Short Form Demand Solicitors, Scotland

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