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While the existence of an Inhibition does technically stop anyone from selling, or otherwise dealing, with their heritable property, anyone who is looking to purchase that heritable property always insists upon a Search of the Register of Inhibitions and Adjudications to ensure that the seller can grant them clear title to the property.  The same usually goes for a lender who is willing to provide a loan over such heritable property, in return for a Security registereed over it.  If clear title is not possible, because of an Inhibition, it can put the Debtor in a difficult position if they are keen to sell/remortgage etc their property.

An Inhibition is a personal diligence against your Debtor (nor against a particular property) and lasts for five years from the date of registration.  It can, however, be renewed after it expires.  It is primarily a protective measure (i.e. as a Creditor you may not obtain payment straight away) but if you are aware your Creditor is looking to dispose of any of their heritable property, or obtain funding based upon heritable property they own, or indeed are looking to buy heritable property, then this is a worthwhile method for you, as it covers all heritable property throughout Scotland.