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Landlord Enforcement


As a landlord (or Registered Letting Agent acting for landlords) if you find yourself in a situation where a tenant is failing to pay rent, or breaching the Tenancy Agreement/Lease in some other way, you might wonder where to start in enforcing your rights.

In such cases it's not as simple as immediately rushing to court, and there are a number of technical and procedural points that you must comply with to avoid unnecessary delays, and costs.

Having TCH Law deal with the dispute early could mean a tenant agrees to vacate the property and/or brings rent accounts up to date without formal enforcement being needed. This is where our expertise can help you.

We can issue formal Demands, which could be enough to resolve the situation. If that doesn't work, then we can prepare and serve the necessary Statutory Notices upon your Tenant which must be served to start the ejection process.

The next step is to seek an Order to remove the Tenant from the property, and again we can help with application to the appropriate Tribunal to get that for you.